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Do Your Thing - A Mirth Manifesto

It says it on the can - Do Your Thing. These are complex, heady times in beverage. Scan the ready-to-drink shelf or the bev web and you’ll see tons of trends, two of which Mirth is politely not participating in: Sugar substitutes (stevia, erythritol, monk fruit, et al) so that bev tastes sweet with zero calorie claims Gut health, mood, detox, focus, energy and other not-so-easily verifiable ‘functional’ claims Why politely? As Mirth’s founder, I would like to be unequivocal about brand-on-brand shade in particular (and internet outrage in general). I oppose it. There’s too much negativity out there, too much trolling, and too much short-term junk food catharsis in the form of cheap shots, comment bile, and hate email. It’s one thing to stand for something, it’s...

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