What is Mirth and what does the name mean?

Mirth is a new generation of delicious sparkling waters made with natural flavors and a little bit of organic sugar.

The definition of Mirth: amusement, especially as expressed in laughter; joy, conviviality, and merriment.

Is Mirth Gluten-Free and Vegan? 

Yes! Mirth is both gluten-free and vegan friendly. 

Is Mirth recyclable? 

You betcha, Mirth is packaged in an aluminium can. 

Is Mirth pasteurized? Is it perishable?

Mirth is pasteurized to ensure a safe and delicious product. Mirth does not need to refrigerated and is shelf stable for up to 1 year. To best enjoy Mirth, consume within the best before date on the can. 

Does Mirth contain BPA? 

All Mirth beverages are produced in cans without BPA liners.