Mirth Wholesale

Share "a sip of happiness" with your customers! 

Own a coffee shop? Bar or restaurant? Specialty shop? 

Mirth is a new generation of sparkling water. Our unique flavor offerings bring a breath of fresh air to your beverage program.

Mirth's wholesale program offers you the opportunity to share Mirth Sparkling Water with your clientele. Purchase Mirth directly from us at less-than-retail prices and we'll deliver it directly to your business. No distributor, wholesale partner, or middle man needed! 

Simply enter code WHOLESALE21 at checkout for exclusive access to our wholesale pricing.*

*Minimum order 6 (12-count) cases.


Here's what customers are saying about Mirth…

Mint/Chocolate: “You could literally drink this as a dessert”

Ginger/Lemongrass: “Zesty ginger and herbaceous lemongrass, really refreshing!”

Grapefruit/Juniper: “As soon as I took a sip I was like, "Wowww, pass me the gin!" because they would be fire together! Bars should definitely carry this flavor as a mixer.”

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